"One year ago, this product changed my life"

I have been doing teeth whitening expensively my whole life.

I have a fear of being in the room full of dental instruments. This is a fear of everyone. 

One day - a close friend who was then a dentistry student told me Activated Charcoal is 'THE' natural way to whiten teeth.

And that little piece of advice, simple as it was, sparked a 12 months journey for me, exploring my own ability to change myself, not just teeth whitening, but every aspect of my life that needed improvement.

Here to spread the love, I created Smiles on Fleek™

In general, teeth whitening gives you more reasons to smile.  Even when you aren’t truly happy, smiling tricks your body into believing that you are.  It instantly changes your mood. "Because you’ll want to show off your whiter teeth all the time, that means you’ll be smiling more."

You’ll have a more positive outlook on life because you’ll have a lot more reasons to smile than frown.

Smiles on Fleek™ Activated charcoal powder can change the PH and health of your mouth and is effective at preventing cavities and killing bad bacteria present in tooth decay.

The Activated Charcoal is 100% natural and sourced from the best of the best. The extremely fine, porous powder will adsorb stains and impurities making the teeth feel cleaner and appear brighter and whiter. 

[Backpacks] - Kyliee
[Backpacks] - Kyliee

Teeth Whitening - 100% Natural Activated Charcoal by Smiles on Fleek ™

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